Top Implant Dentist in Tulsa: Do You Want to Fix Your Missing Teeth?

When you have an accident and you have a missing tooth, it can really affect your self-confidence, especially when it is one of the teeth at the front. It can mean that you smile less or you even have to watch how you are eating. It really can be a nightmare and affect your quality of life.

But, the good news is that you don’t have to deal with this for long. There are now services you can choose to replace the tooth that is missing instead of leaving the space empty. In fact, at Exclusively Implants, you can regain your smile and confidence in no time. Dr. Chris Ward is an implant dentist in Tulsa who has a range of interim services for missing teeth, that means no one knows you are missing a tooth. This can include procedures such as a resin bonded bridge and essix appliance. The procedure that you require will depend on what teeth are missing and where they are positioned. Dr. Ward specializes in IV Sedation meaning, during surgery, you can sleep and wake up to a beautiful smile. An implant dentist in Tulsa will be able to advise you what the best interim services are for each patient after an initial and personal consultation.

At Exclusively Implants, there is also a dental implants services. This is a long-term and effective way to replace missing teeth and allow you to enjoy a beautiful smile again. In addition, they can improve your ability to eat and speak properly once fitted. This involves using a small titanium allow the body and placing it onto the jaw where the missing tooth is. Then a structure will be added that will look like a real tooth and fill the gap. It is a simple, yet effective way of regaining a full smile instantly. An implant dentist in Tulsa will be able to help you choose the right implants for you.

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At Exclusively Implants, we can help you restore your confidence and enjoy smiling again. we specialize in high quality and affordable implant dentistry, offering excellent care for patients that are looking to replace missing teeth. We make sure that all our procedures are adjusted to the comfort of each patient to provide a relaxed and successful experience for everyone. Contact us today for your consultation!