Same Day Dental Implants: Are You Needing a Bad Tooth Replaced Immediately?

Having a cavity in a seriously damaged tooth can lead to far worse conditions, including infections. If you’re in need of a same-day solution, we’re here to help. We expedite the process by minimizing the number of appointments necessary post-implant, alleviating cost and time constraints. Depending on your specific needs, your dentist will outline appointments post-surgery to give you a full scope of recovery details.

Why Get Same Day Dental Implants?

“Bad teeth,” such as those with cavities, those causing you tooth pain, etc., are seriously negative for your health. Apart from pain and discomfort affecting your concentration and ability to focus on the tasks in front of you, you’re also constantly putting your body through a painful experience.

Many patients also don’t understand that it directly impedes your digestive system, as well. When you’re “babying” a tooth or not eating on one side of your mouth, you’re negatively impacting your digestive tract with less-chewed food that’s harder to break down.

The Risk of Infection

Tooth infections require treatments on antibiotics, days and days of being stuck in bed (if the pain is that bad), and waiting for a solution. In some cases, we’ve heard that patients who previously attended other practices had to wait over ten days to get their tooth extracted, and another three weeks for their dental implant.

There’s no need for that. Removing your tooth before it can pose as an infection is critical to your overall health. Infections come with additional time and money spent, forcing you to miss school, work, and social gatherings. Instead of putting your life on hold, you could continue everything without missing a beat, all with same day dental implants.

What About Recovery?

Dental implant recovery time can actually be minimized by immediately placing it. Instead of waiting for two or more weeks after a tooth has been taken out, your mouth will accept the dental implant easier and reduce your recovery time.

Same Day Dental Implants: Stop by Today

Call to let us know you’re stopping by, and we’ll have a solution in store. While our excellent front desk staff takes all the proper details and information, we’ll be prepping to remove your bad tooth and replace it with a permanent dental implant. Avoid living with bad teeth, and get the solution you need today. There’s no need to wait.