IV Sedation For Your Implant Surgery

IV Sedation Implant Surgery

Sedation Dentistry and Nitrous Oxide in Tulsa

One of the biggest obstacles for some patients is their fear of dentistry.  Couple that with the word “surgery” and some people just can’t move towards necessary treatment. That’s why we offer IV Sedation for your implant surgery.

At Exclusively Implants in Tulsa, we recognize these fears and work hard to gain your trust!  One of the ways we reduce these fears and make you feel completely comfortable is by offering IV sedation for our procedures.  For those who desire this option, it is a simple and safe procedure for dental implant surgery.

First, you will take some oral medication about an hour before your appointment with our dentist, Dr. Ward.  Once you arrive at Exclusively Implants, we will monitor all your necessary vitals to ensure your safety.  Our caring, attentive staff will measure your heart rate, pulse oximetry, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, and sinus rhythms throughout your procedure.  Once your vitals are recorded, we will start a small IV line and introduce medication which sedates you in just a few minutes.  We will titrate the level specifically for your needs.  You will be under “conscious sedation,” which means you will not have any CNS depressants, only benzodiazepines.  You will breathe for yourself and be responsive to verbal stimulus. You will be resting comfortably!

Relax with IV Sedation

IV sedation is often much safer than oral sedation.  Since a vein is the route of drug introduction, your body does not have to digest the medication, which can dilute the drugs and require significantly more time to take effect. If a reversal is needed, IV sedation can be stopped and reversed within seconds.  This is not true for oral sedation.

There are a few patients who are not candidates for IV sedation due to some medical contraindications.  Dr. Ward will review your medical history to confirm that IV sedation is an option for you.  It is for most!

For more information about IV sedation for dental implant surgery or implant dentistry, we invite you to contact Exclusively Implants today. With a convenient location, we are the number one source for affordable, high-quality implant dentistry in Tulsa, Catoosa, Claremore, Owasso, Sand Springs, Jenks, Bixby, Broken Arrow, and the surrounding areas.