Dental Implants in Tulsa, OK

Dental implants have not been around very long. The first implant placed was in 1965 (it was still in place when the patient deceased in 2005). Dental implants became commercialized in the mid 1970’s. At that time, there weren’t many dentists providing implant dentistry, and there was a lot of trial and error involved in the learning phase.  Today, the percentage of dentists placing dental implants has grown faster than any other facet of dentistry. We are proud to be one of the practices that offer dental implants in Tulsa OK. When done correctly, implants are one of the most predictable and effective procedures available for those looking to replace missing teeth.

When dental implants are in place, they can:

In implant dentistry, we take a small titanium alloy body and place it in the area of the jaw where your tooth used to be. We then attach a structure, which resembles a tooth both aesthetically and functionally, to this titanium alloy to replace the tooth.  Complete implants are created using at least three separate components:

In some cases, the body and abutment are just one piece, the abutment and crown are just one piece, or they are all separate pieces.  With all of these options, how do you decide which implant is right for you?

When considering which type of implant is right for you, it is important to remember that one of the highest, if not THE highest, reason for implant failure is mechanical loading.  This is how much force and in what direction you are placing the force on the implant as it relates to the supporting bone.  If the load and/or direction are not correct, the implant will fail and have to be removed.

One of the ways we increase your chances for success at Exclusively Implants in Tulsa is by increasing the surface area of bone to implant contact. A wider diameter (longer) implant increases surface area, which means we the force is distributed over a larger area.  When we treatment plan, we allow for the individualized force factors of each patient, which means that we set you up for success.

Mini Implants vs. Traditional Implants

Don’t be fooled by others who offer implants.  Many times these are “mini” implants – implants that are very small in diameter and designed to be used under removable dentures or partials.  Mini implants require a greater number of implants to support the lack of surface area. In addition, the connectors to these implants are not as retentive, which reduces the mechanical loading.  Since they are not as retentive, your removable appliance does move a lot more during function. Mini implants may be your preferred option, but you should not be fooled into paying the same price for them as you do for traditional implants. These are not the same option as conventional dental implants, nor can they be used in the same ways.

Top Implant Dentist in Tulsa

Implants can restore health, function, and beauty to your smile. If you are interested in learning more about implant dentistry, we invite you to contact Exclusively Implants today to schedule your consultation with our dentist, Dr. Ward. Our convenient location is perfect for those looking for dental implants in Tulsa Ok, Broken Arrow, Sand Springs, Catoosa, Owasso, Claremore, Jenks, Bixby, and the surrounding areas in Green Country.