Common Questions Your Cosmetic Dentist In Tulsa Can Answer

Ever had a question you were too afraid to ask? Peek below to see if the best cosmetic dentist Tulsa has to offer has already answered it for you.

What can I do with a whiter smile?
Getting an in-office whitening surpasses the effects of at-home kits. You can easily damage your teeth if you’re not careful, so you should always head to your cosmetic dentist office for any whitening. Apart from that, watch out for coffee and wine as they can discolor your teeth.

Is Invisalign able to fix my crooked smile?
Invisalign is a great tool, but it’s not fit for everyone. In most cases, yes, it can straighten out your smile and make you feel more confident. Whether you have to go with adult braces of Invisalign, a straight and clean bite is extremely important for your oral healthcare.

What are the main benefits of a smile makeover?
For one, it’s a major boost to your confidence. Most of us aren’t happy with our teeth, and we tend to hide our smiles, which can make us feel more self-conscious. It’s a rabbit hole effect. Boost your confidence, and stop worrying about your teeth. Apart from that, in some instances, a smile makeover can be used to help shield damaged teeth.

If I get veneers, will it look weird against my other teeth?
Your veneers are custom-built and designed to match your existing shade of white on your teeth. In short, they’re made to look like they’ve always been there.

What are dental implants?
They’re titanium posts that replace the root of your tooth inside your gums. If you’ve had a tooth removed and your dentist is afraid of drifting or your teeth shifting apart, they may suggest a dental implant, which is then topped off with a dental crown.

Be sure to maintain your twice-yearly checkups with your cosmetic dentist Tulsa office. Whether it’s checking on the status of your veneers or the duration of your implants, keeping everything in check is a must. If you’re not currently on a normal oral health care regimen, make an appointment with your cosmetic dentist Tulsa location today.